Your Change Will Make Change


Photo provided by Abby Ledvina: UWGB Class of 2012

Every week, the Mauthe Center provides tasty meals for students – as well as the greater Green Bay community – that fills stomachs, and hearts. It’s an all-you-can-eat meal offered with a suggested donation of just two dollars. All proceeds help send children to school in India.

Students walk in get a meal and, “they know that that money is going to a good cause,” said Judy Thompson, Director of the Mauthe Center. “It’s about showing students the little ways they can help; the little ways they can change someone’s life all the way across the world,”

Two years ago, the Mauthe Center started working with the Alternative Development Initiative with Rural Engagement (ADIRE). Working with ADIRE, student and community donations provide two children in underdeveloped villages in Northwest India the opportunity to attend school. Funding their education includes clothes, books, transportation and food. Children are not only given an education, but an opportunity for their lives to be changed – by another struggling student halfway across the world.

TODAY, and every Tuesday at 5:30PM, enjoy a delicious meal at the Mauthe including sides, desserts and drinks. Meals change frequently, so keep an eye on The COMM Voice to see what’s coming up next!

How Else You Can Help
The Mauthe offers more than an affordable dinner. It works towards bigger change in our community through projects like this. The Mauthe Center is always looking for volunteers, too: Serving food, cooking and cleaning. Even if you just have a passion for cooking, or want to meet new people, the Mauthe provides many opportunities. If you are interested in making a financial donation, or in inquiring about volunteering at the Mauthe, you can do so HERE.

Story authored by: Katherine Nagler, Quinn Duffy and Julia Kostopoulos.

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