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To achieve success, whatever the job we have, we must pay a price.
Vince Lombardi

Coach Vince Lombardi required his players to pay a price to play for the Green Bay Packers. One price they paid was showing up on time – OR ELSE!

Vince was a stickler for time management; his obsession with players and staff being on time led the coach to set all the clocks 15 minutes ahead: “Lombardi Time” was born. As it turned out, without superior time management skills, the Super Bowl Trophy might be named for someone else; no one would know the great Coach Lombardi like we do now.  The clock on Lambeau Field – perennially 15 minutes ahead – stands today as another testament to the coach’s legacy.

Is Lombardi Time relevant today? Is it relevant in sports; in business; here on campus? Students – and some teachers – have not yet learned time-management skills. To help make meetings, and classes, and schedules run more efficiently (and effectively) what would happen if UWGB clocks were all set to Lombardi time?

Chancellor Gary Miller said, “Lombardi believed that on time meant 15 minutes BEFORE the appointed time; my father believed the same.  And while time management is critical for leaders, I don’t agree that showing up as early as Lombardi thought appropriate is necessary. Being ON time, however, is very important,” he added.

Student Jamie Prinsen agreed with the Chancellor. “I don’t think it would be effective to change time because even some of my professors don’t show up on time. If they don’t care about showing up on time, why should I?”

The BlueMoonz include: Rosie O’Shea, Alex Brandt, Amanda Leick, Ericka Hesselink, Jacob Dekeyser and Danielle LaPorte.

A NOTE FROM THE BLUEMOONZ: In research discovery we concluded that it would not be beneficial to change the clocks on campus. (Why would ANYONE want to be ready for something 15 minutes before it’s ready to begin? Seriously?) However, do you think it would be beneficial to change to Lombardi time? Would you be more productive if you were ready to go before your appointed hour? Would it be a good habit to develop for your future? Would it eliminate late professors, or is this just another Packer-themed gimmick attempting to tie UWGB closer to the Packers and the Green Bay community? Please comment below.

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