You’re Not Alone

For the last seven-and-a-half years, the LGBTQ Pride Center at UW-Green Bay has continued to increase their campus, local community, and national outreach to individuals coming to terms with themselves.

The Center’s efforts have been widely recognized – especially so by Campus Pride, a website designed to show the top 30 LGBTQ friendly colleges and universities in the US. UW-Green Bay has earned the top score, a 5/5! In order to score that high, UWGB had to receive the highest percentages in the LGBTQ friendly requirements for policies, programs and practices.

The Pride Center is a fantastic place for students to gather and feel welcome. Photo Credit: Pride Center Facebook

Curious about what makes UW-Green Bay stand out? The Pride Center continuously strives to create new ways to be inclusive of its LGBTQ students. Through the Center’s work, more awareness such as paying attention to individuals’ pronouns, having better food options, and having more inclusive living situations and bathrooms has been brought to the forefront on campus.

Not only is the Pride Center involved on campus, they’re also involved within the local community too. In Green Bay, there is a Roundtable of Northeastern Wisconsin that supports the Pride Center, and vice versa. This community support is comprised of individuals who look to help others through monetary donations, clothing donations, and more! The Pride Center has found that many people within the community to continue providing support and a willingness to find additional ways to keep doing more.

The services offered by the Pride Center, and the supportive community in Green Bay bring students looking to find themselves to UW- Green Bay, as both freshmen and transfer students. Stacie Christian, Director of the Pride Center said, “Students need to understand that there are people who are willing to recognize that you are a good human being. There are so many people who have transformed once they have had people support them. There are people out there willing to support you.”

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Story authored by: Quinn Duffy, Julia Kostopoulos, and Katherine Nagler

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