Comedian Christine Medrano visits UWGB

By Iris Shipley, Grace Prust, Rianna Jones & Ashley Harrison


UWGB students can take time to de-stress and laugh by attending a stand-up comedy show on campus.

Good Times Programming hosted comedian Christine Medrano on March 8th, 2023, at the Phoenix Club. Free wings, veggies, and mocktails were provided for students who watched the show. According to Tyler from Good Times Programming, this event had over 50 people attend to watch the comedian do her set.

Food and drinks were offered to students to enjoy the night with. Before Christine began her set, UWGB students could help themselves to free wings and mocktails to enjoy during the comedy show. Photo: Iris Shipley

Medrano is originally from Canada and now lives in Los Angeles, California. She has been a voice actor on Bob’s Burgers and has been a featured cast member and writer for College Humor and DROPOUT. She first started doing stand-up around seven years ago after a bad breakup.

Medrano began her set with jokes that were personal to the UW-Green Bay campus, like saying, “I was paid in Passpoints,” in reference to the currency UWGB uses, and poking fun at the University’s food provider, Chartwells, name and lackluster reputation. The set continued with more personal stories and jokes from Medrano. The influence of her bad breakup and dating experience after it was easy to see with her raunchy jokes about dating apps and bad dates. The audience was involved and responded to prompts from the comedian with laughs and comments.

Christine Medrano performing her comedy routine at UWGB in the Phoenix Club. Photo: Iris Shipley

“I’m always excited to perform in the midwest, honestly, because it’s like this is how I get to kinda like see different parts of America,” comments Medrano about performing at UW-Green Bay. “People here are so nice and kind, such a fun part [of the country].” When asked if she would come back to perform if she was given the opportunity, she had no hesitation in saying “yes!”

Students were also excited about the event. One student said that it was their “first time going to a comedy show,” and they had a great time listening to the set. They continued to talk about the most memorable parts of the act, saying, “Any taboo thing she brought up was really funny because it really just, like, talked about things that are hard to talk about a lot. It was hilarious.”

Another student in attendance also enjoyed the event and hopes to see more like it in the future. “If this was out in the community, I wouldn’t really go to it, but since it’s on campus, I could just pop on in.”

Tyler from Good Times Programming was able to speak about what this kind of event can offer to students. “I feel it offers very good stress relief…people can come out, have free food, sit down, and have a laugh.” Around campus, Good Times Programming gives students a chance to voice if they would like to see similar events on campus or other options. They “put out surveys for students to see what they like” and have “suggestion boxes” by their event booths. Tyler said that students can also reach out directly to GTP if they would rather do that. “It would be great if students got in contact with us and let us know what they thought of the events.” Students who want to suggest possible events or show their support for hosting similar events like the comedy show can contact Good Times Programming at

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