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Players and fans will have a fresh soccer experience when a brand new stadium is finished on campus this spring.

Construction has been ongoing next to the Kress Events Center since August; completion is set for the start of 2018. The plan is to have Festival Foods Field ready to play on for the spring soccer season. Thanks to grants given to Green Bay Athletics from Festival Foods plus donations from other generous donors, improved features include stadium lights, grandstands, restrooms, concessions, a press box and a state-of-the-art scoreboard. Unlike the old stadium, the field will now be made out of artificial turf which means lower maintenance costs and increased playability year-round.

As part of the project, some updates are being made to the softball field as well: a new press box, restrooms and batting cages. However, these improvements are not included in the naming rights or new stadium for soccer.

Molly Vandervest, Assistant Director for Development, said the soccer stadium will offer opportunities for ESPN3 broadcasting that had not been present before. It will increase the reach for both the men and women’s programs. The $4.9-million-dollar project will make a great addition to the scenic drive around the outer circle roads on campus, as well as creating a more impressive first impression for people entering that side of campus.

For the past 48 years, Aldo Santaga Stadium has been the home of Green Bay Phoenix soccer. Although the former soccer playing field will no longer host opponents, it will be used for practice and community use, as well as intramural sports.

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