“Nothing to do ’round here!”

By Alex Brandt
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One of the most common complaints I’ve heard during my four years at UWGB is that there’s nothing for students to do; that the campus is boring.

I often hear students complain that they have nothing to do, yet we have one of the most beautiful fitness centers in the state: The Kress Events Center. Even if working out or playing sports isn’t your thing, the Kress still hosts basketball games free of charge for students.

One of the main ways I stay busy and not bored on campus is by playing intramurals with my friends. The Kress offers a multitude of intramurals for students to play for free. They offer traditional sports such as basketball, football and volleyball, and even offer leagues such as Canoe Battleship and trench ball. (If you’re not sure what Canoe Battleship and Trench Ball are, head on over the Kress and ask one of the student-friendly employees and they’ll get you on a team.)

If competition and sports aren’t really your thing and you want something else to fight the boredom of your spare time, The Kress has a huge weight room that’s free of charge for students. Additionally, the upstairs is a fitness center filled with a track to run laps, treadmills, and ellipticals to fulfil your cardio needs. Maybe cardio and weights aren’t your thing, so the Kress offers free rock climbing with expert staffers to keep you safe.

But wait… there’s more

Now, I already know what you’re thinking: “Wow there sure is a lot the Kress has to offer!” Well, guess what? There’s more! The Kress also offers free fitness classes, yoga, kickboxing and aerobics – all free of charge. There’s a class you can attend any night of the week. Also, along with free classes, you can even sign up for swimming lessons for a small fee if you want to learn to swim.

And finally, maybe you’re just not into sports or working out at all. Well, the Kress is home to the women’s basketball team and all of their home games are played at the Kress and free of charge to all students. And, there’s even more for you this month as the men’s basketball team will Krash the Kress for the first time ever.  How cool is that?

The Kress offers something for everyone and is open every day of the week. So, next time you are feeling bored or thinking there’s nothing you can do, grab some friends, go to the Kress and workout, shoot some hoops, or head on over to support your team.

Always looking for something new to do, COMM Major Alex Brandt will be a new graduate this Spring. He’ll no doubt find something interesting to do – no matter where he goes next!



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    We should put our heads together – and come up with something, Alex!

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    Great story!

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