Holy Cats! The Manitowoc Minute!

Host of the Manitowoc Minute, Charlie Berens, performed to a sold-out show of 2,000 at the Weidner Center March 6; here’s what you missed:

Berens opened with his signature Manitowoc Minute – he even included the Craigslist Kicker. He found a $20 Wisconsin license plate birdhouse on Craigslist in Green Bay that he ended up buying and auctioning off to the audience. The auction itself turned into a hilarious banter between Charlie and the audience as the crowd shocked the comedian when the price for the nicely made, cheap birdhouse kept going up. Charlie shouted out $170 at one point knowing that he would get a laugh only to be floored when an audience member shouted the same amount moments later. Needless to say, Green Bay knows how to make an impact on the community when a measly $20 birdhouse sold for $300 – and all proceeds were given to the Wounded Warrior Project. “Oh My Gosh.”

Public Media contacted Charlie a few weeks before the show and he said he, “enjoys performing all forms of comedy including traditional stand up, improv and music.”

A Titanic Beginning
Although he enjoys stand-up, he did not start off as a comedian. His original career was news reporting, but after a few years of working in the field he realized it was not his true calling. A revelation came from watching the movie Titanic and finding out the hero Jack Dawson is from good ol’ Wisconsin. He began making videos of scenes from Titanic with a true Wisconsin accent which became the genesis of the now famous and well-loved Manitowoc Minute.  He’s performed more than 20 shows throughout Wisconsin in just the past four months!

Before Berens ended his show with his signature sign off by saying “Go Packers and ‘F da Bears,” he got the entire crowd to stand up and sing “This Land is Your Land” with him.  It was a fun night.

The group Public Media consists of: Katie Flanigan, Katie Pozorski, Trey Pingel, and Emily Kelly


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    2 great stories: The profile by Public Media and Charlie’s story too! Well Done.

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