UnCommon Comm Student: Kia

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It’s no secret: Most UWGB COMM students have the ability to take on a ton of projects; Kia Murray is no exception.  When it comes to taking on a lot of projects and enhancing her resume, Kia rises above.
Last year, for example, Kia was working at FOX 11 TV News, the De Pere Chamber of Commerce and for Green Bay Phoenix Athletics – in addition to her full load of classes.  She was also the ringleader of the first-ever student-led UWGB Homecoming.

The three-day Homecoming opened with a pep rally and Phoenix Night followed by a residence hall trick-or-treating and a basketball game tailgate party.  A movie wrapped up the affair on Friday.   It was a huge undertaking for her “spare” time.

“We started preparing for Homecoming a year ago,” she said. “I reached out to another student with my idea, and the two of us put together a committee and started planning the event. My favorite part was finally seeing everything finally come together,” she proudly said. “All the networking I was able to do – with a variety of people – was also a bonus.”

Chancellor and his Cabinet

Kia has made many important connections throughout her four years as a Comm Major. She’s worked with Chancellor Miller and some of his cabinet members, and developed good working relationships with the Head of Student Life, Directors of the University Union and the Director of the Phoenix Bookstore.

“The Communication program has helped me with different internships,” said Murray, “and offered great advice outside of classes – whether it pertained to class work, professional work, and even planning homecoming. My professors’ insights have been very valuable.”

After graduation, Murray plans to take on even more projects. She wants to work in broadcasting – in front of the camera – but will no doubt be involved in just about every aspect of any job – wherever she goes.  GOOD LUCK, KIA.

The Producers include: Micah Kulpinski, Kaylie Noll, Ryan MacGregor and Kia Murray.


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