COMM Week Recap

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s 6th annual COMM Week took place on April 3rd, with opportunities to showcase students’ work and skills.

COMM Week Preparation

COMM Week is just around the corner, from April 3rd-6th at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. As a student-run event that lasts multiple days, COMM Week offers plenty of opportunities both for those participating in competitions and those helping to put it on. COMM Week features events throughout the week leading up to competitions and a banquet on the final day. 

Green Bay Students CRAVE Something New

When it comes to eating out on campus at UWGB, it is simple to say that the options are quite limited. There’s the Green Bay Grill if UWGB members and visitors want traditional fried food, the main dining hall for a variety of buffet-style meals, and the sub shop for something a bit lighter. There have not been wide varieties in terms of the food offered on campus. Thankfully, that has changed with the newest restaurant on campus, CRAVE!