Green Bay Students CRAVE Something New

By Jordon Lawrenz, Brock Mackinnis & Kelsey Keller


When it comes to eating out on campus at UWGB, it is simple to say that the options are quite limited. There’s the Green Bay Grill if UWGB members and visitors want traditional fried food, the main dining hall for a variety of buffet-style meals, and the sub shop for something a bit lighter. There have not been wide varieties in terms of the food offered on campus. Thankfully, that has changed with the newest restaurant on campus, CRAVE!

A Create Your Own Veggie Bowl from CRAVE. Photo taken by Jordon Lawrenz

CRAVE is a new restaurant located right next to the Green Bay Grill on the lower level of the Union. It specializes in Latin cuisine with burrito bowls and wraps. The prices range from $2.99 to $8.99. Payment can be made via Dining Points or Pass Points. Students cannot pay for food from CRAVE using a transfer meal from their meal plan. Ordering can only be done from the mobile app used by all of the dining establishments on campus. CRAVE has replaced Phoenix Phresh, which sold salads and smoothies during the 2021-2022 school year, according to Karolynn Morrison, the head of Dining Services at UWGB. When asked about Phoenix Phresh, Morrison said, “For now, Phoenix Phresh is retired. It may develop into something more with the new renovations.”

CRAVE falls under what Morrison described as “an external brand called Sous Vide Kitchen. Under their brand, the space actually has the flexibility to rotate in and out about 12 concepts utilizing the core menu items.” This gives staff the ability to provide protein-rich foods while also listening to student feedback. The CRAVE concept was the result of a vote by the students last semester. Morrison said that the two concepts that define CRAVE, Eso Latin and Veg 23, “gained the most positive feedback from the faculty and students who came to the event in the Cloud Lounge, and therefore that is why we chose them to open the concept with.”

The exterior of the CRAVE restaurant. Photo taken by Kelsey Keller

CRAVE is a new addition to the school’s dining options as it provides cultural cuisine at an affordable and easily accessible price for students and staff. But when it comes to the student perspective, it seems that there are a few things that CRAVE could work to improve on. Noah Oltmanns, a junior majoring in HR management, thought, “even though some of the customization options aren’t for me, I would definitely go back [because] portions [are large enough] for two meals.” The lack of customization and only mobile ordering are some of the biggest criticisms lobbed at the restaurant so far.

A senior majoring in First Nations Studies, Solona Moreno, also wishes that ordering was more accessible for everyone, not just those with the app. Moreno said, “I hope for more diverse dining options in the future” and “would love to see an Asian-inspired restaurant on campus.”

Luckily for Solona, Morrison revealed that there are plans for an Asian-inspired restaurant on camps. Morrison said, “We are working on introducing a concept called Bon Mi, which is a Vietnamese sandwich and bowl concept that features pickled carrots, onions and cabbage, and some additional traditional sauces.” The staff  received positive feedback, and “our Sous Vide Kitchen partners are very interested in knowing all of the feedback so that we can continue to build a better brand together.”

A handout that describes how to order from Crave. Photo taken by Kelsey Keller

With CRAVE’s launch this fall, only time can tell if this will become a permanent mainstay within the campus’s plethora of dining establishments. UWGB will embrace cultural cuisine as well as diverse options for vegetarian students and staff. In the meantime, happy dining!

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