UWGB Goes to the Movies

Maybe students have heard of the “UWGB Goes to the Movies” series, but maybe they haven’t. The event was popular a few years ago, then was halted due to the pandemic. CheapSeats was another option for students to stay on campus to catch a movie. The latter did not attract as many moviegoers and is not taking place this fall semester, so the Student Engagement Center is looking to bring back UWGB Goes to the Movies.

Green Bay Students CRAVE Something New

When it comes to eating out on campus at UWGB, it is simple to say that the options are quite limited. There’s the Green Bay Grill if UWGB members and visitors want traditional fried food, the main dining hall for a variety of buffet-style meals, and the sub shop for something a bit lighter. There have not been wide varieties in terms of the food offered on campus. Thankfully, that has changed with the newest restaurant on campus, CRAVE!