Heart of a Phoenix



Riley getting ready to ROCK

He’s not the type of person that comes to mind when someone says, “collegiate athlete.” He is neither large nor overly muscular; he’s quiet and observant rather than loud and commanding.

Riley Darling may never be an Olympic athlete, but his work ethic and dedication makes him a stand out in the pool. Despite all he is not, he is one of the best on the Green Bay Swimming and Diving team.

Record Holder and Horizon Champion
Riley is the 200-yard butterfly record-holder for the Green Bay Phoenix, having broken the previous record by nearly two seconds. He is also the 2018 Horizon League Champion in the event. The 200 butterfly is a grueling task. It combines sturdy upper body power with a flexible, yet rigid core strength. The race also requires super-human endurance. It is Riley’s favorite event and he surprises his competitors – even his own teammates – every time he dives into the pool.

His work ethic and dedication for the sport matches no other, because no other teammate has gone through the steps he took to get to Green Bay. After graduating high school, he took a year off to train before signing his National Letter of Intent to perform at the collegiate level. He puts every ounce of effort into every practice he attends – and his unwavering focus is not limited to just practices. Before each and every race, he can be found calmly observing the environment around him to help him focus – and psych him up.

Riley may not have the physical size of a champion, but he has the heart of a Phoenix which makes him stand above the rest.

Kaylie Noll is majoring in Communication with emphases in Organizational Communication and Public Relations, and minoring in Business Administration. She specialized in distance freestyle and the individual medley as a member of the Green Bay Phoenix swimming and diving team.

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