Pi Beta Phi and Pancakes

By Austin Moehn, Travis Leiterman, Dylan Schmidt & Caleb Miller


The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay is full of promotional events, but one sorority is attempting to open the floodgates to members. With a little bit of syrup and batter, their event PJ’s and Pancakes is looking to draw in some students who have a craving for pancakes and a knack for philanthropy.

PJ’s and Pancakes took place on March 1st, 2023, in the Phoenix Club of UW-Green Bay’s University Union. Hosted by the Pi Beta Phi sorority, the event had lots of pancakes, games, and music. The pancakes, syrup, and butter that were to cornerstone of the event were provided by Chartwells, the food service provider for UW-Green Bay. The event was made up of Pi Beta Phi members and potential members like Emily Nelson, a UW-Green Bay student who was brought to the event by her roommate and a member of the sorority. The sorority and its guests played games, covered, and enjoyed pancakes.

Pancakes, syrup, and butter were seen throughout the Phoenix Club

The idea was conceptualized by the sorority to create a friendly environment. Georgia Seefeld, leader of Pi Beta Phi, says she wanted to create an event that would bring in students who were too nervous about coming to their recruiting-week meetings. “Pi Beta Phi is the only panhellenic sorority on campus and is the largest chapter at UW-Green Bay,” according to Seefeld.

The UW-Green Bay chapter of Pi Beta Phi was founded in 2021, and since their arrival on campus, they have found positive ways to impact the Green Bay community. Many sororities and fraternities have philanthropic causes that they support and volunteer for. For Pi Beta Phi, supporting literacy is their number one cause. “Our big program right now is C.A.R which stands for, Champions Are Readers,” said Seefeld, “We go to local elementary schools and read with the students.”

Eating pancakes wasn’t the only thing happening at PJ’s and Pancakes. The event also included a variety of games. One of these games was Headbanz, a game where players put cards on their heads and have to ask questions of other players to guess what the card on their head is.

This game brought plenty of energy, and everyone in attendance was engaging. Emily Nelson, an attendee of the event, noted another game that was being played at the event. “We just started playing what do you meme which is in a way like cards against humanity,” said Nelson.

Pi Beta Phi members and their guests playing games together

Pajamas, pancakes, games, and good company were the four components that made PJ’s and Pancakes a fun event. Organizations like Pi Beta Phi are trying to make a difference in the Green Bay community. Between their efforts to help the community and putting on events for students at UW-Green Bay, Pi Beta Phi is an integral part of the culture at UW-Green Bay.

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