Late-night Breakfast

By Morgan Andrews, Hope Smith, Matthew Seger, & Janie Hodny


The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) serves hot breakfast to students. The annual late-night breakfast was on Tuesday, December 13th, from 8:00-9:30 pm, serving over 300+ students in the University Marketplace. This event was held the week prior to finals to provide a relaxing event to de-stress from the anticipation of finals.

The annual late-night breakfast held during finals week for all students! Photo by Morgan Andrews

The late-night breakfast is open to all students. The breakfast included potatoes, sausage, eggs, chicken and waffles, and fresh fruit. Accommodating the food, there was a coffee and beverage table alongside an entire dessert table. There was enough food to serve more than 400 students.

A plate full of late-night breakfast foods and desserts. Photo by Morgan Andrews

This event has been put on by the Student Engagement Center during the finals for more than 7 years now. The program is in partnership with the University Union & University Dining.

Matthew Suwalski, the Executive Director of the Student Engagement Center, says, “The event provides relief during prep for finals and that it’s a fun and relaxing program. We hope students come and have a great time again this year.” Students normally attend the event within friend groups or sports teams. The organizers anticipate 300 students attending each year. This year students began lining up 30 minutes prior to the event, and the line for the late-night breakfast was out the door!

The line out the door for the late-night breakfast of UWGB students. Photo by Morgan Andrews

Chancellor Alexander served students breakfast during the entire event Tuesday night. This late-night breakfast was the fifth time he attended and worked at this event. Chancellor Alexander says, “I always enjoy getting to talk to students and hear about the great things they are doing. This event is a fun way to do that, and I think it gives the students a break from the pressure sometimes finals cause.” Last year, the late-night breakfast event had an attendance of over 300 students, and the event keeps getting bigger. The Chancellor says, “This event gives students a break from their studies, some free food, and hopefully shows that we are rooting for everyone to do well!”

Chancellor Alexander serving students breakfast with a smile. Photo by Morgan Andrews

The late-night breakfast had many staff members and Student Engagement workers handing out food to students and interacting with them. Olivia Soba, a junior and a first-time attendee of the event, says, “It was great to see all the staff hand out food. This really made me feel cared about during finals, and it was a wonderful event to attend. I would definitely go next semester!”

UWGB staff serving students. Photo by Morgan Andrews

The Student Engagement Center not only hosted the late-night breakfast event during finals week for students but also hosted the “UWGB Goes to the Movies” to get their minds off finals.

The “UWGB Goes to the Movies” event was held on December 16th with free transportation and free tickets for students to see the movie, “Avatar 2: The Way of the Water” on the big screen.

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