“Cases” still Covering All Bases Online

The most talked about COMM class is still pulling through online. Cases in Communication and Media ManagementCases, for short, is well known around campus for its nerve-wracking final press conference where the speaker goes through real, rapid-fire questioning. With the switch to online classes, how will Cases handle this real-life crisis? Teaching Assistants Elizabeth Cichowski and Mailee Her provided an inside scoop on how Cases will continue to make COMM students sweat on the internet.

“The speaker will not have the added scrutiny of an in-person address. They will be speaking online for their class to listen to, instead,” Elizabeth said. “We will continue, however, to make sure that the students get a feel for the way a press conference works and what things they will have to prepare for.”

Crisis?  What Crisis?
But what’s it like to pretend to prepare for a crisis in the middle of an actual crisis? “I’ve learned that we are actually quite resilient,” Elizabeth said “It’s astonishing to see how wonderful our students, and our department, were able to come together and make this online learning transformation as smooth as possible. I give them a huge amount of credit. “

While students won’t have the same in-person experience of a press conference as previous semesters, they are gaining understanding of how businesses handle public relations during a real pandemic – in real time! They’ll also be learning what NOT to do.

Elizabeth and Mailee have a video call with Professor Clampitt to discuss Cases.

Story by Ashley Perket 57.5 | 9.4

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