Catch Your Flight, Not Covid

ohare1DONT-DELETE-WGN-slateSpring Break 2020The prices of flights are falling so drastically, it may be tempting to go on a quick weekend bender in Miami to blow off some steam 🙂

With new infection rates increasing every day, thinking twice about traveling may not be a bad thing, but most students getting an extension on Spring Break are living by the motto “if I die, I die,” when taking advantage of the cheap prices – according to NBC News.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging people to restrict travel if possible, but students only go to college once and putting The Spring Break Tradition on hold may seem a bit drastic. “So long as we take proper measures, we should be fine” said Kadian Barr of Green Bay on her way to Tampa Bay. Oshkosh student Anthony Balao said, “I’m staying home for Spring Break.  I’m not going out.”

Since most students will continue with their travel plans, here are some precautions to take before traveling – according to the CDC:

Is Covid-19 spreading aggressively where you are going?
The spread of the Virus may not be aggressive in your area, but some popular Spring Break destinations will put you more at risk.

Will your travel companions be in close contact with you?
Being in close contact or closed in areas such as buses, planes, shuttles, cabs, Uber and hotel rooms greatly increases your chances of contracting it.

Are your travel companions at risk?
High risk may include older adults or serious chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease.  (BREAKING NEWS: Most of us Spring Breakers will NOT be traveling with High Riskers!)

Are you prepared to take time off school or work if you get the Virus?
If you’ve had contact with someone with COVID19, you may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. It is important to be sure that you can be away from school and/or work that long.

What you can take with to protect yourself On The Go?
CDC recommends washing your hand regularly; it’s the best defense. The recommended time for hand washing is 20 seconds, and using warm water. While you’re washing, sing the Happy Birthday Song to yourself (or out loud if you have the pipes). Sing it TWICE and you’re done.

Singing the Happy Birthday Song may get a little boring, so HERE is a link to songs you can sing while washing your hands.

While traveling, it may be difficult to wash your hand on a regular basis. Here are four products that may help maintain a germ-free life style while traveling. (USATODAY)

1. Travel Hand Sanitizer
If you can’t get to a sink the CDC recommends buying a travel size hand sanitizer bottle. It is important that it contains at least 60% alcohol in it. Most stores are sold out; HARD to find on line, too, except from people who are gouging it.

2. On the go Disinfectant Spray
Disinfecting areas surfaces before you touch them is a good way to keep the virus away. Recommended for this task while traveling is EPA-Registered disinfectant Lysol To Go (if you can find any, that is).lysol

3. To-Go Disinfecting Wipes
Cleaning wipes are one of the top products on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) list of disinfectants that can help protect against COVID-19.  Good Luck finding any!

4. Surgical Gloves
Surgical gloves can protect your skin coming in direct contact with the virus or bacteria. Having multiple sets with you to change is a good idea also but again, GOOD LUCK FINDING ANY!

Traveling will continue but it is important to take precautions. One myth is that wearing a mask can help you. Mask are to be worn if you are feeling ill to prevent the virus on to someone else.  Good Luck finding them, too. images

Maybe it’s best this year to skip The Spring Break Tradition. Stay home and clean the apartment or your dorm.  The way things are going, there might be travel restrictions, flight delays and cancellations so you won’t be able to get home!  Hmmmm… Being stuck in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t seem like such a bad idea this time of year, but maybe I’ll play it safe and shelter in my own bed!

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    You should actually link to the CDC or DHS, especially about after-travel precautions. I’m surprised there’s no link to lists of states with community spread or International countries and their risk levels.

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    Good info

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