Easy Money?

Thousands of dollars are available; you don’t have to go to the bank.

Four COMM scholarships are granted every Spring for students continuing their studies the following academic year. The four include: The Green Bay Media Scholarship; The Craig A. Mueller Communication Scholarship; The Althea Steele Lederer Scholarship; The Ralph R. Stein Memorial Scholarship. All four are intended to help COMM Majors – exclusively – and every cent counts when trying to pay for college.

It’s EASY:  You need just four things to apply: 1.) a cover form; 2.) an unofficial transcript copied and pasted from SIS; 3.) an up-to-date professional resume; 4.) a well-written, formatted essay that pays attention to the specific scholarship directions.

For more information about the scholarships or the process click this link or contact Assistant Professor Bryan Carr: 920.465.5042 / carrb@uwgb.edu

With emphases in Journalism and Public Relations, COMM Major Devin Willems is also a writer on The 4Digits Team.

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  1. Dr. So What says:

    These are great opportunities.

  2. Rosie says:

    Great story!

  3. Maddie says:

    Amazing to find out, thanks for pointing out this opportunity!

  4. thecommvoice says:

    EASY? It kind of sounds like it it.

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