Five things people under 21 can do in Green Bay

In Wisconsin’s Drunkest City – The Drunkest in America – it’s not easy being underage. In a Hard Drinking Town like Green Bay, finding something fun to do during those unfortunate years between 18-and-21 can be a challenge. What’s a minor to do?

Karvarna, Cat Cafe and Coffee
Explore downtown and pick up a delicious beverage at Kavarna. No matter your age, there’s a drink or snack perfect for you. Soak up the cool, coffee shop atmosphere or head over to the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and Cat Cafe next door to sip your drink while cuddling some kitties.

With Riviera Lanes just a five-minute drive from campus, bowling is something convenient and fun for people under 21. Those of age can get a drink; ‘youngins can sip on kiddie cocktails, and everyone can battle it out to get the top score.

Attend UWGB events
There’s fun for all ages almost every night of the week. From concerts in the Phoenix Club, Common Grounds and Weidner Center, to UWGB Nites in the Union, there’s always something for you to do on campus. You can cheer on your fellow Phoenix at various athletic events; you could belt your heart out at a karaoke night; even try something completely out of your comfort zone by attending an event that you never would have pictured yourself going to. Isn’t that what college is all about?

GB Eats
Green Bay is full of hidden little holes-in-the-wall that are great for a delicious, greasy bite to eat. Perfect thing to cure your midterm blues (or celebrate that exam you just nailed)! Some fan favorites are Julie’s Café, Politos, Black Sheep and Hilltop Café, but the crown jewel among these gems – a place that makes mouths water and stomachs ache with hunger – is the Pancake Place at 143 S. Military Avenue. This heaven-on-earth serves pancakes the size of your plate, stuffed hash browns that touch the soul, and many other breakfast foods your heart may desire.

Green Bay also has a wide selection of finer-than-a-diner eateries as well. Some of these places include: St. Brendan’s, Hagemeister Park and Titletown Brewing Company. (Don’t worry, Titletown is a restaurant too!)

Trivia at St. Brendan’s
While there are other local bars that try to do trivia, none is as classic as St. Brendan’s trivia on Tuesday night at 9PM. Hosted by “regulars,” St. B’s trivial can be as difficult as synonyms for each word in an acronym, or as odd as famous people with six toes. The difficulty, topics and overall atmosphere depends on which “regular” is hosting. You can join your friends who are of age and challenge your brain as you try to win a gift card from the restaurant. All you need to know are the three rules: No smart devices; don’t yell out the answers; have fun!

The Oxford Commas includes Sara Bichler, Courtney Bultman, Amanda Jo Danihel, and Amanda Rice.

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