Let’s Get Down to Business

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of professional development opportunities from the comfort of your home. Due to COVID many of these development conferences have been moved online and made FREE. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you can attend various webinars and networking sessions.

A few to put on your calendar:

PRSSA 2020 Leadership Assembly Virtual Session: April 23; Noon-3:00PM EDT.
This conference will discuss career advice and strategic communications. It will also include an interactive Q&A portion that allows you to network with communication professionals.

It’s free if you’ve paid your PRSSA dues. If you are interested in joining PRSSA to attend this conference, email before Noon today: soprssa@uwgb.edu.

Also, PRSSA is still hosting bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays! They bring in community professionals via Skype. Contact PRSSA – soprssa@uwgb.edu – to join in the conversation.

Her Conference: June 6 and 13; times to be announced
Hosted by Her Campus, the #1 global community for college women – they are bringing in speakers who work in public relations, publishing, marketing, and broadcasting. Some of the women work for major magazines or own their own businesses; they will have tons of insight to share about content creation and branding.

To register – for free – click here:

JMG Public Relations Webinar Series: Various days and times announced on their Instagram.  JMG Public Relations is an agency based out of New York. On their latest Zoom call, they answered questions on resumes and interviews. On another call, they discussed the behind-the-scenes of working in public relations.

To find out when their next webinar is, check out their Instagram:

UWGB Webinars
Career Services is partnering with local businesses to offer students virtual professional development opportunities. Coming up: “Mastering the Virtual Interview” in collaboration with BakerTilly.

To keep up-to-date and RSVP, check your student email and/or Handshake account.

Between video calls, be sure to apply the things you are learning. For example, sharpen your resume or online portfolio with some of the professional tips. Or, if you haven’t already, create those documents! They will come in handy for your next interview whether it’s during quarantine – or after.

Story by Megan Roshak

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