What Will Your Verse Be?

By Bailey Schmid
| 215 words

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has started its comprehensive accreditation process at UWGB. The commission orchestrates evaluations for degree-granting universities to renew its Financial Aid capabilities.  HLC conducts evaluations every 10 years.

The evaluation of UWGB – including academic strengths, administration, mission, finances and campus climate – began in October.  The last accreditation was 2007.

Clifton Ganyard, Associate Provost of Academic Affairs, is leading the evaluation process; he handles student/staff affairs, inputs and reported analytics. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Climate Eric Arneson is also on the team – helping students understand their role in the process.

Students are encouraged to delve into the HLC mission and understand the purpose of accreditation evaluations. Students can bring questions, ideas and input to contribute to the accreditation to either Arneson or Ganyard (contact information below). Every student’s verse will impact the overall production and presentation we call home, school and Phoenix territory.

Actor Robin Williams, as Professor Keating in Dead Poet’s Society asked his students, “What will your Verse be?” With a great opportunity to impact this campus and its future, it’s our right – and obligation – to use our Voice to influence UWGB’s mission and goal.

For Additional Information Please Visit: http://www.uwgb.edu/accreditation/  Or, watch the Overview Video: UW – Green Bay Accreditation Process Overview

With emphases in Journalism and Public Relations, COMM Major Bailey Schmid is a regular contributor to THE COMM VOICE.



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